It's Spooky Season! Let's have an Irish Halloween!

What in the Samhain?

We know the best things to do to get closer to Halloween’s origins in Ireland and experience frighteningly good times with activities, haunted places to stay in Ireland and Irish Halloween time festivals to attend.…

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Things to do on your autumn in Ireland and Scotland vacation

The top things to do in Ireland and Scotland in Autumn

The month of September brings feasts, fall foliage in Ireland and Scotland and of course, the Autumn Equinox. We like to think of it as the tipping point because it's literally the equal night and day point of the year – 12 hours of daylight and darkness.…

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Where to go for the best beach experiences on the Emerald Isle

The Five Best Beaches in Ireland

Benefits of being an island: Plenty of coastline and beaches in every direction. We’ve rounded up the top picks for the best beaches in Ireland. Just because it’s the end of summer doesn’t mean it’s the end of beach days.…

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Why we love train travel in Ireland and Scotland

Why We Love Train Travel in Ireland and Scotland

The anticipation, excitement and comfort of travel by train in Ireland and Scotland is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. Here’s our top three reasons why we love train travel and why you should consider Locally Hosted Rail travel for your next visit to Ireland and Scotland.…

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Multigenerational Family Vacation Activities That Will Tie You Together

Best Things to do in Ireland and Scotland with Grandparents

We’ve all got a legacy, a story, or a family legend (sometimes they’re sitting next to you at dinner) and family travel in Ireland and Scotland is often where many discover the roots of their tale. While every trip with family is bound to make memories, sometimes taking a step back to consider what are the best things to do with grandparents as well can change the schedule.…

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Celtic Lughnasa – Harvest is the best season for foodie travel in Ireland and Scotland

Harvest Season Foodie Travel in Ireland and Scotland

Celebrated as the first of the three Harvest Festivals in the Celtic Isles, Lughnasa takes place on August 1 and traditionally signalled the start of the reaping harvest seasons. Our farms are the source of exceptionally high-quality produce and products all year round, but there is something special about taking foodie travel for the best eating in Ireland and Scotland with autumn just around the corner.…

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Travel Style explained: LUX Self Drive thumbnail image

Travel Style explained: LUX Self Drive

What is it about a LUX self-drive vacation that makes it different? Well, with the wheel in your hand, and the way laid out ahead, we can all but guarantee that the road will rise up to meet you.…

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Brendan Vacations Twelve Stays of Christmas

The Brendan Vacations Twelve Stays of Christmas

What better way to wrap up Christmas than to travel somewhere unforgettable? We think the holiday season is done better in our Celtic Homelands. When we think of our favorite holiday stays in Ireland and Scotland, we think of lobbies dripping in sparkling decorations, decadent rooms brimming with plushness, soul warming hot drinks served with mince pies, service that is dialed up to anticipate needs you didn't even know you had, open fires burning slowly as you walk in from the cold, and carols raising the festive tone in every space.…

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Beatiful Cristmas Marketing in Galway, Ireland

Ireland’s Best Christmas Markets

Maybe it’s the smell of fresh-baked cookies. Toasting snacks and spices. The sparkling twinkle of lights and hands warmed around a hot cup of mulled wine or spiced cider. There’s just something about a Christmas market that brightens up a winter night, literally. Ireland’s cities and town centers are bustling throughout the season with charming craft and artisan market stalls, treats, games, rides and perhaps even some ice skating. We’ve collected a list of the best Christmas markets that Ireland has to offer, perfect for stopping in on if you’re in town during the holidays.…

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