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The top things to do in Ireland and Scotland in Autumn

The top things to do in Ireland and Scotland in Autumn

Recently updated on May 13th, 2024 at 11:01 am

Fall foliage in the forest, festivals and more things to do on your autumn in Ireland and Scotland vacation

The month of September brings feasts, fall foliage in Ireland and Scotland and of course, the autumn equinox. We like to think of it as the tipping point because it’s literally the equal night and day point of the year – 12 hours of daylight and darkness. And once it tips? You’ll find yourself surrounded by the perfect weather for cozy drinks, delicious harvest season foods, stories by a fire (we like the spooky ones best) and seeing the autumn leaves change colors in our Celtic National Parks. Read on for the top things to do in autumn in Ireland and Scotland. 

A group of people walking down a road in Killarney National Park

Autumn in Ireland: Killarney National Park Hike

Feel like getting the best views of the changing leaves? We would recommend making time for a Killarney National Park visit. We can link you with our best in the business guides who live and breathe this park (and the Ireland outdoors) to guide you on a hike filled with unforgettable nature scenes of fall in Ireland, spotting wildlife, and perhaps some of the beautiful hidden treasures tucked into the forest. If you’re there at the right time, you’ll see ample native deer during the rutting season.

A large body of water surrounded by mountains

Autumn in Scotland: Trossachs National Park & Loch Lomond

Trossachs National Park is perhaps one of the most stunning places to experience autumn in Scotland. Bold, beautiful and absolutely bonny at this time of year. You can take a day trip cruise of Loch Lomond, visit Stirling and see Trossachs all in their blazing fall foliage beauty and get the best of fresh air and wide-open spaces in Scotland.

A group of people during cooking workshops at Tracey's farmhouse in Northern Ireland

Autumn in Northern Ireland: Tasty Treats with Tracey

A person holding a plate with food on it

Autumn in Ireland: Galway Food Tour

Speaking of snacking – bring an appetite for good food and history on a visit to Galway. Because it’s autumn in Ireland, you’re going to reap the bounty of harvest season when you go out to eat. Consistently reviewed as one of the best experiences in Ireland by guests and also recently ranked by National Geographic Travel as one the top ten things to do in Ireland, we highly recommend taking this tour and experiencing Irish culture through the flavor of local restaurants, specialty shops and markets.

Autumn in Scotland: Hike the Highlands

Want to get the full feel of the bold autumn air? Take a Highland Safari professionally guided hike. Spot the amazing wildlife on a hike in this iconic landscape and see dear, eagles, rabbits and more with a kilted guide leading the way. Care to stay a wee bit longer and warm up? You can arrange for a wee bite of a picnic featuring local tastes and treats.

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