Autumn Vacations in Scotland: The best time of year for foliage, food and more

Autumn Vacations in Scotland: The best time of year for foliage, food and more header image

Every season vies for the rights to say it’s the best time to visit Scotland but allow me to let you in on a little secret: hightail it to the homeland of the Highlanders when it’s autumn. From fall colors to ghost tours to cozy foods, our Celtic Experts weighed in with the best of what a fall trip to Scotland should include, so here’s what not to miss.


Tours and Treks: Get a Walk In

Hope you came to Scotland ready to stretch your legs, because the top activities will require some footwork.

Autumn colors come out in a vibrant blaze of glory, but nowhere quite shows off the beauty of the season like Trossachs National Park. Take a hike, and I mean that in the nicest way possible, and immerse yourself in a fall foliage wonderland.

Out of the woods? Travel below the beautiful streets of Edinburgh to see the city take on a more sinister shade. Here, on the Doomed, Dead and Buried Ghost Walking Tour, you’ll be led by torchlight through underground vaults and onto a graveyard to hear the ghostliest stories the haunted city has to offer.

Prefer to stay topside? Stroll through a tasty food tour for seasonal treats and when you’re done, warm yourself with a whisky tasting. Getting hungry? Good – that’s the next dish we’re serving.



An Appetite for Autumn

At the peak of the fall harvest season, there’s plenty to choose from on the menu, but this is what should stand out to when you seek to slake your appetite.

For the carnivores: If you want something from the hunting lodge or the ocean, be ready to feast on traditional preparations of game meats or take a crack at some fresh and very in sea-son oysters.

Crave something more savory? Flakey, buttery and delicious meat or veggie pies, stews and yes – haggis, are perfect picks to warm yourself on a cold Scotland day.

Scotland’s not short on sweet this time of year either, so don’t worry about dessert. Apples, plums or pears are prime “picks” for a pie or fruit crumble, topped off with some custard or ice cream.

Tired from all the delightful options? Well, here’s your invitation to stop and stay a while, next.



Come in From the Cold

There’s plenty of places to stay in Scotland, sure, but then there’s the best places. We’ve got a luxury roundup of where to warm your feet after you’re done adventuring.

For luxury on the loch: Cameron House is the place to be. An estate situated on the edge of Loch Lomond, Cameron House blends elegance and heritage with excitement and activities. Fireside whisky tasting, walks in nature and the sky view of the land from a loch seaplane are all part of a stay here.

Want something scenic and more secluded? Tucked away behind brilliant, color-changing trees is the Isle of Eriska Hotel. This exclusive stay offers a beautiful retreat away from the world, surrounded by water and wondrous foliage.

Finally, get a taste of country life, elevated. That’s exactly what SCHLOSS Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course offers. On top of a championship golf, there’s elegant rooms (and more of them coming in 2022) and plenty of roaring hearth fires to take the chill off nights in the colorful Scottish countryside.



Felling inspired and ready for your Scottish autumn getaway? Customize your perfect autumn vacation to the Celtic Isles.


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