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Why is Giant’s Causeway one of Northern Ireland’s Top Attractions?

Why is Giant’s Causeway one of Northern Ireland’s Top Attractions?

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Welcome to the land where iconic sights, great outdoor trails and legendary myths combine

Planning a trip to Ireland? Make sure you include Northern Ireland in your travels so you can visit the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site, Giant’s Causeway. Home to miles of stunning rugged landscapes, plunging cliffsides, and legendary giant’s, the symmetrical stone columns that make the causeway will rock your world (pun intended).

How was Giant’s Causeway created?

Giant's Causeway with the rising sun in the background

While geologists say Giant’s Causeway was formed by volcanic activity, the Irish locals have a different story to tell. According to legend, these columns are the remains of a causeway built by Irish giant, Finn McCool. It spanned the sea between the Emerald Isle and the shores of Scotland in preparation for an epic battle between Finn and Scottish giant, Benandonner.

The Story of Finn McCool

Cliffs of Ireland on a cloudy day

Across the sea, the Scottish giant Benandonner was threating Ireland so in retaliation Finn McCool started building a causeway so they could settle the score face-to-face. When Finn completed the ancient footpath, he traveled to Scotland and saw just how big Benandonner was in comparison to him so he decided to run home. When Benandonner followed him back, McCool’s wife disguised him as a baby in a blanket. This frightened Benandonner. He thought to himself, ‘if Finn’s baby is the size of a grown giant, how big must his father be?’ Thankfully, to Finn’s mischievous wife, Benandonner was scared off to Scotland forever and left Ireland alone.

Want to visit Giant’s Causeway and see the legend for yourself?

Travellers on Giant's Causeway

Pave your own path with these top trips that visit Giant’s Causeway

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