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Six Reasons to Buy Travel for the Holidays

Six Reasons to Buy Travel for the Holidays

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 12:50 pm

The holidays are coming and that means:holiday sales, holiday shopping, busy schedules, extra planning, hustle and bustle and eventually – more things to add to the house once it’s all unwrapped. Or does it? What if instead of buying the best gift item for the holidays was instead planning for the best vacation? Or better yet, planning the best vacation to Ireland and Scotland – the vacation of your dreams? 

Find things that take up space in your memory, rather than in your space (or worse yet, lost in a drawer somewhere). 

1. Quality Family Time

Family on holiday enjoying cooking class

Family comes in all shapes and sizes, formats and structures – each one unique and special. One of the big perks of going guided is that you get to focus on what’s important when traveling with that family – making amazing memories together. Each of our guided trips are filled with activities that not only connect you to the wonders of Ireland and Scotland, they create special connections between you and your family. 

2. Take the Stress out of Travel

A woman holding a falcon in front of a group of people

What do we do next? Where do we go? Is this food good? Is this actually fun? Can we get there in time? Leave these questions at home with the other stuff you won’t be needing on your trip. Whether you’re looking for the best of Scotland or a full Irish Experience (or one of the other excellent options we have as well) what you get with guided travel is quality. Quality of time well spent. Quality activities like falconry or archery or quality food like carefully prepared traditional dishes served in personal spaces. Most of all – we handle the details in between, such as transportation, directions, and making sure all you need to do is find your preferred spot on the coach and relax. 

3. There’s Something for Everyone

Golf field in Ireland

There’s a hard to shop for person(s) in every family. You never quite know what they want or if it’s just right. Something we pride ourselves on with our trips is the diversity of activity each one has to offer. Whether you want to connect with nature, explore history (yours included), golf (in the homelands of golf no less), sip and savor your way across the isles or fill up on castle visits – you’re going to have a chance to pursue it.  

4. A Sense of Wonder

A body of water with a bunch of boats in it.

When you’re exploring the Celtic Isles, it’s hard NOT to get drawn in by a sense of magical beauty. Invest in a sense of wonder, and maybe tie it back into the holidays. Want better stories to tell around the fire? We’ve got a legend for that. On the Enchanting Emerald Isle trips get the gift of the gab by kissing the Blarney Stone and just see if the whole experience doesn’t set you talking. Or if gifting cryptids for Christmas is more your style, might we suggest Scotland’s Highlands, Islands and Cities? See if you can spot any loch-dwelling inhabitants from the gorgeous Loch Ness shoreline. 

5. Go Beyond Sightseeing

Local Specialists, deeply connected guides, and carefully chosen experiences make the experiences we include in your travel more than just a sightseeing trip. These are people, in places that they are passionate about, doing work they care deeply for. What this means is that they will take you beyond the beauty of a location and personally connect you to the why of it. Show you the small details and special nuances that only the locals would know. Anyone can walk around a magnificent city and point out its qualities, we choose those who know the history, mystery and secrets of what makes it special.

6. Something You’ll Never Forget

Landscape of Ireland with a castle.

There are some places and memories that always stay with you. Travel, we like to think, is always one of them. From the places you go, the food you eat, to the people you meet – Ireland and Scotland stay with you. It’s the warmth, the sincere kindness, the passion for history and country, the care and excitement of having tourist “visitors” – there’s nowhere quite like our homelands. 

Feeling inspired to give the gift of new favorite memories?  

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson has been professionally writing for news, academia public relations and institutional outreach since 2007. Now, she's dedicated to bringing readers interesting, fun and helpful information to help them on their journeys. Loves: running, reading, California's central coast, London's mass transit systems and any moderate to very-good animal.

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