The Perks of Traveling During the Off-Peak Season

The Perks of Traveling During the Off-Peak Season header image

The best way to visit Ireland and Scotland with better rates, fewer crowds while getting the Celtic Isles (almost) entirely to yourself. 


As the off-peak season starts rolling in, the pace is slower, the landscapes transform with beautiful fall colors, our fires burn just a wee bit brighter and our famed stories seem even more magical. To us, the cooler seasons are some of the most enchanting times to visit our incredible Celtic homelands and here are a few reasons why… 


Food to Warm the Soul

Who doesn’t enjoy indulging in something delicious? Take a break from the crisp Celtic air to satisfy your inner Foodie with a hearty bowl of Irish stew. Or, find comfort in a decadent and hot cup of Irish coffee, perhaps while you wait for freshly baked soda bread to come out of the oven. These traditional flavors and delicacies are our favorite ways to find warmth on a chill winter night and shine their best when served during the cozy season. 


Festival Fun for All

From Halloween festivals in the homelands where the holiday originated, to sparkling Christmas markets filled with magic and of course: the world’s most famous St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin. These are the magic moments that capture our Celtic culture at its finest and we want to personally invite you to participate in our timeless traditions for yourself. 


First-Choice Accommodations

With students back in school and other standard-season travelers hibernating until the busier summer months, the off-peak autumn, winter and the early spring are the best time to get first dibs and VIP treatments. You’ve got greater access at top places to stay across the Celtic Isles including our finest (and coziest) locations like the regal Ashford Castle, the luxurious Adare Manor, the charm-filled Cahergal Farmhouse and so many more. 


Fewer, if Any, Lines 

The hustle and bustle of the summer peak is packed away with the sandals – and so are the many people who would be wearing them. That means more leisurely paces for strolling and our personal favorite: reduced lines and waits for just about everything. Walk in like they’re expecting you (because we are) and enjoy front-of-the-no-line access to some of the top attractions.  


Ready to cozy up to adventure?


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