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How It Works

We all like having options, which is why at Brendan Vacations every Celtic vacation in Ireland and Scotland is different. When you begin yours, we bring you choices to tailor your trip to exactly what you want.

We don't ask you to choose one way or the other when planning your experiences – we say, “Why not have both?”

Here’s how we do it.

Highlands in Scotland

Tell us where you want to go

Brendan Vacations crafts your perfect trip to Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland utilizing the expert advice of our team on the ground in Dublin. Because we cultivate ongoing relationships with suppliers, vendors, and local specialists, we can ensure your vacation is filled with the most unforgettable Celtic experiences.

Choose how you want to travel

With Brendan Vacations, you are taken personally with a guided vacation or one of our fully customizable itineraries such as independent Private Chauffeur, Locally Hosted Rail, Self-Drive or Lux Self-Drive. Your trip can be a mix and match of travel styles, expertly selected to fit your needs.

Brendan Vacations Team in Dublin Ireland

Dublin Local Expert Team

When you plan with one of our Celtic Experts, they are drawing on a wealth of continuously maintained connections with properties, people and places to bring you the best of what the Celtic Isles offer. Our accommodations and activity searches, as well as our travel blog, The Gab, can help inspire your plans for a perfect Brendan vacation. You dream it, and we will build it.

Catherines Collection in Ireland and Scotland

Meet Catherine Reilly

As the head of our Brendan team, Catherine has been making friends with the Celtic community for over 35 years so she's learned a thing or two about where to go and what to do in Ireland and Scotland. Check out her own personally hand-crafted collection of all the can't-miss experiences you can have too.

The Gab Ireland and Scotland Travel Blog

Ireland and Scotland Travel Blog

Discover the best Ireland and Scotland travel ideas and more with our blog, The Gab.

Ways To Travel

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Each travel style offers you a new and unique way to see Ireland and Scotland. Choose what suits your needs best.

Ireland and Scotland Private Chauffeur Vacations

Be Driven
Pick a Guided or Private Chauffeur Trip

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Ireland and Scotland Locally Hosted Rail Vacations

Take the Train
Pick a Locally Hosted Rail Trip

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Ireland and Scotland Self-Drive Vacations

Drive Yourself
Pick a Self-Drive or Lux Self-Drive Trip

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See What Our Guests Say

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Traveler at Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland Self-Drive Vacation

August 01, 2019

Michelle Clarke

My husband and I went to Ireland with Brendan this past summer and we had an amazing time. Because we booked through Brendan, they gave us special treatment or allowed us to skip the lines at many of the spots. I'd highly recommend a trip to Ireland with Brendan.

Couple at Dromoland Castle, Ireland Private Chauffeur Vacation

August 30, 2019

Mackenzie Procter

Brendan Vacations made all my Ireland dreams come true. My husband and I took a Private Chauffeur trip last August and we think back on it almost daily. The level of service from our Chauffeur to the people behind the scenes made it easy for us just to relax the entire time.

Traveler at Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland Self-Drive Vacation

February 20, 2019

Josh Guerra

I did a Self-Drive in Scotland coupled with a Locally Hosted Rail vacation in Ireland, and I was so glad I got to experience both of these travel styles. It was the perfect way to get that sense of adventure and freedom while still knowing that all the details were already covered.

Couple doing falconry at Dromoland Castle, Ireland Locally Hosted Rail

July 18, 2019

Nicki Nuzman

Our trip to Ireland was literally a dream come true! The knowledge of the Brendan team helped answer all of our questions and they were able to suggest activities and hotels I’d never even dream of… like being proposed to by my now fiancé at a castle all without me knowing.