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Castle Stays in Ireland & Scotland: The very best to get your rest

Castle Stays in Ireland & Scotland: The very best to get your rest

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 03:26 pm

Castles. The stuff of stories and fairytales. Perhaps large, looming, drafty, made of stones. The best castles? Probably full of ghosts. Fun to visit and maybe kiss a Blarney Stone while you’re at it, but seen one castle, seen them all, right?

Not in the slightest. Let us present you with the argument that there is truly no better way to treat yourself on vacation in Ireland and Scotland than by staying in a castle.

We give you: Five luxurious examples as to why you should absolutely upgrade yourself to royal service status for the ultimate vacation.

Far from being quirky tourist stops or elegant ruins, these castles are always dressed to impress with their attention to detail in service, elegant fixtures and storied history. Get ready for the doors to open and come, rest that weary head that’s wearing the vacation crown.

1) Ashford Castle

Aerial view of Ashford Castle next to the photo of a living room with fireplace

As the legends go, there is nowhere in the world quite like Ashford Castle. Set in the glowing green Connemara countryside, this sprawling estate has housed princes, earls and the royals of Irish brewing, the Guinness Family. Ashford’s elegant rooms, lavish décor and gourmet restaurants are a retreat to lakeside Irish country life. Complete the experience with activities like falconry, archery, golf, forested horseback riding, fishing and kayaking. Care to join the story?

2) Abbeyglen Castle Hotel

Abbeyglen Castle next to a photo of the castle's lounge

Once upon a time, there was a lovely castle outside Galway. Guests would come from far and wide to Ireland to be served complimentary champagne and canapes at the piano bar. And it all ended when …. it didn’t. Abbeyglen Castle Hotel is known for its superb service and elegant details. Come find out for yourself.

3) Dromoland Castle

Dromoland Castle next to the castle's lounge with fireplace

For centuries Dromoland has stood. The ancient hall of the High King Brian Boru has housed nobles, viceroys and a few family rebels. It’s elegant walls holds secrets, history and … elegant rooms and tasty treats? Dromoland, now, is a beautiful example of graceful luxury, steeped in the history of Ireland’s splendor. The riches of the natural countryside are complimented by the comforts of sumptuous suites. Stay here and be a part of the legends of Dromoland.

4) Inverlochy Castle Hotel

Inverlochy Castle Hotel next to the castle's lounge with fireplace

Once a beloved stay of a Queen, Inverlochy Castle Hotel’s ground are rich with green mystery, a glittering lochan and abundant nature. Mountains, trees and falls all tower in the legendary countryside beyond the walls of Inverlochy’s warmth and richly furnished rooms.

Staying in a castle and having a fairytale trip to Scotland and Ireland doesn’t need to be the stuff of stories. Let Brendan Vacations’ Celtic Experts design your exquisitely crafted vacation.

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson

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