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Travel Style explained: LUX Self Drive

Travel Style explained: LUX Self Drive

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 01:28 pm

Luxury self-driven travel means premium comfort & being in-control of the journey.

What is it about a LUX self-drive vacation that makes it different? Well, with the wheel in your hand, and the way laid out ahead, we can all but guarantee that the road will rise up to meet you.

The Whole Package

What makes a LUX Self-Drive trip so special? The experiences, stays and dining are always the most choice in Catherine’s Collection and the vehicles are the best available. Because it’s a custom luxury trip, golf in Ireland and Scotland can be added to your itinerary, with tee times at some of the most famed and challenging courses available. Local hosts meet guests on arrival into Ireland, connecting them with their destination, going through their documents, answering any questions they might have and making local recommendations based on their interests.

When you choose a LUX self-drive vacation in Ireland, it’s more than a vehicle upgrade – we’re creating a full travel lifestyle experience on the road for you. Here, you’re in complete control of the pace and place of travel. You select from an elite fleet of rentals for your stay in our homelands, transforming what could be a simple road trip vacation into a journey of high-comfort interiors, sleek exteriors, and top-notch options.

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Luxuriant Stays

Chosen your stays from Catherines Collection for iconic style, exceptional service, Michelin-star dining, luxuriant comfort and individual charisma, each one of our select hotel choices stands above, set apart in categories uniquely theirs by distinction, linked by dedication to excellence.

We have access to the most desired and singular manor homes, castles and estates, now transformed into stays that envelope a guest in the presence, history and beauty of their locations, attending to every need with the kind of service that simply stands out.

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Upscale Activities

These kinds of trips are exceptional inside and out. Every activity that awaits you is selected for its exceptional quality, representation of its kind and frequently exclusive nature. We seek specific experiences for our guests that offer something just a little bit extra; yet remain deeply personal. Our proud partnerships with our local specialists are chosen for their connection to their work, reflecting ties to tradition, expert knowledge and degrees of excellence above competitors.

Make it Your Own

Our diverse itinerary portfolio is your starting point, based on our favorite experiences and stays and are fully customizable based on your needs, wants and preferences. Or, if you prefer, you can start from a blank sheet to craft something different and daring only for you.

A LUX self-drive road trip lets you peruse iconic destinations at your own pace, with locally led experiences waiting for your arrival. While this form of travel is ideal for the independent traveler, you’re not left on your own: We offer contact and communication for every mile of the way should you wish to change your direction or explore a new adventure.

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson has been professionally writing for news, academia public relations and institutional outreach since 2007. Now, she's dedicated to bringing readers interesting, fun and helpful information to help them on their journeys. Loves: running, reading, California's central coast, London's mass transit systems and any moderate to very-good animal.

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