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Brittany Hanson Brendan Vacations Author

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson has been professionally writing for news, academia public relations and institutional outreach since 2007. Now, she's dedicated to bringing readers interesting, fun and helpful information to help them on their journeys. Loves: running, reading, California's central coast, London's mass transit systems and any moderate to very-good animal.

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Derek Fine

Derek Fine started working in the travel industry in June of 2016. He views traveling as a beautiful tool to share experiences with people from around the world and is always counting down the days until his next adventure. Derek is a Gemini, likes long walks through the airport, and makes a mean Turkey Bolognese. Follow him on Instagram @derekfinetravel.

Jennifer Helsper

Jennifer Helsper

Jennifer Helsper started working in the travel industry in 2010 and has taken full advantage of every opportunity to explore the world ever since… Nowadays, she finds joy by encouraging others to do the same; hoping to inspire them to discover their own adventures along the way. Her random quirks and likes include: sporadic dancing, impulsive singing, spontaneous escapes and demolishing charcuterie boards.