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Discover the Natural Beauty of Ireland and Scotland

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In Ireland & Scotland there’s no need to enhance your photos or your personality. You can discover the natural beauty of the Celtic Isles and be who you are, no filter required. Travel to our homelands and enjoy yourself and those you're with as you soak in the breathtaking scenery on one of our hand-crafted trips. Whether you travel with family, friends or a significant other, or want to drive yourself, be driven, or take a train, we have a travel style that’s right for you.
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You and your best friend have just finished the day exploring Loch Ness. After wandering the ruins of Urquhart Castle, hiking through the nearby pines and scouring the black waters in search of the river monster Nessie,  your eyes welcome the peaceful surroundings and natural colors of the stunning Scottish Highlands.

Toss your schedule out the window, venture to the side of the road and grab your camera to capture the miraculous scene in front of you. You’re free to have fun and be spontaneous in Ireland and Scotland.

Choose a Self-Drive Vacation… no filter required.

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Locally Hosted Rail

All aboard! As your train departs from Killarney back toward Dublin, you peer out the window to see sprawling fields of green that are dotted with hundreds of white sheep. This quintessential view of Ireland has you reminiscing on your unforgettable solo adventure and the people you met along the way.  

Enjoy having a Local Host in each city who’s available 24/7 to provide support and insider tips. All you need to focus on is having fun while you explore these beautiful countries. So hop on board and enjoy the views.

Choose a Locally Hosted Rail Vacation… no filter required.  

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You’re at the farm of a local Scottish family enjoying a traditional meal and Celtic songs . As you and your family sing along to the tunes, you look around at your tour mates and new-found friends and know when you depart tomorrow, you’ll be leaving your heart in Scotland.

With a dedicated Travel Director and a coach filled with other travelers from around the world, you’ll experience these amazing countries from a local’s perspective while enjoying a stress-free  and memorable vacation.

Choose a Guided Vacation… no filter required.

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It’s been a great day of golf on the Emerald Isle. While you and your brother were magnetized by the stunning ocean views and pure color of the greens, you both managed to repel any bunkers. Now you’re at the 19th hole (the pub that is) celebrating over a pint of the “black stuff”.

Discover the home of golf with your private chauffeur by your side. Whether you’re an avid golfer or there to see the sights, this is the perfect customized vacation both on and off the course.

Choose a Golf Vacation… no filter required.

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Private Chauffeur

You wake up on your anniversary trip to Ireland in a hotel room fit for a king. The elaborate decorations match the opulence of the rest of Ashford Castle. Falconry, horseback-riding and a dinner reservation at a 5-star restaurant are on today’s itinerary. You could get used to this luxurious lifestyle and don’t want your vacation to end.

Enjoy castle stays, first-class service and more as you explore the Celtic Isles. Your private chauffeur is with you all the way sharing his local charm and colorful stories on a trip tailored just for you.

Choose a Private Chauffeur Vacation… no filter required.

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