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Women-Only Travel in Ireland and Scotland

Women-Only Travel in Ireland and Scotland

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 02:04 pm

Brendan Vacations is launching Women-Only tours in conjunction with International Women’s Day. These tours are departing for vacations in Ireland and Scotland in the coming summer (perfect timing). But why is Women-Only travel… different? It’s an all-women vacation, for groups and solo travelers alike, led by a female travel director and structured to encourage connection and most important – a chance to relax just a little bit further. This isn’t a clique – it’s a community.

The Enchanting Emerald Isle and Highland Trail Itineraries are two of our fan favorites for how culturally comprehensive they are. And in the case of Scotland for Women-Only tour? Its shining point is how much it sheds light on TV’s Outlander show, and the real places and history it draws from. Curious yet?  

Bonus point: travel is really good for your mental health.

Girls Trips = Good Health

Sure, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence on the links between travel, community and positive mental health. But, peer reviewed studies have actually shown that strengthening friendships, building new ones, and taking a scheduled “time out” from the everyday truly do feed a happier, healthier life.

Feeding your brain with new experiences and supplementing that with being cared for, feeling secure? That’s a whole other level. That level of care and connection is what Women-Only travel in Ireland and Scotland is about. Details? Handled. Destinations? Excellent. Vacations? Exactly what you’ve been needing.

Women Only Ireland

Two women looking at a book in a library

On the Enchanting Emerald Isle trip, Ireland takes the stage with main character of the story energy. Green countryside is in abundance. Romantic ancient library with a mystical tome? There’s that too (it’s the Book of Kells). There’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral (obviously), plus the sheer and imposing Cliffs of Moher (really never a bad angle for those beauties).

Even if you’re traveling solo, there’s a kiss in store for you (if you want). The Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle and Gardens has debuted in 2021 a new comprehensive cleaning system so that visitors can still smooch the stone and get the legendary gift of gab. There’s mystery, romance, history and the iconic greens that Ireland is famous for all over this trip – the ultimate collection of backgrounds for all of your new adding to the favorites folder photos.

Women Only Scotland

From Inverness to Edinburgh, to the hallowed fields of Culloden, travelers on the Highland Trail itinerary can a step back in time (safely and no harrowing, buzzing, stones required). Inspired by the brave and bold stories from Dianna Gabaldon’s Outlander series, now a hit streaming show, this trip guides you through Scotland’s Highlands and history-soaked cities with just as many thrills – sans the anxiety of lacking modern amenities.

In addition to the starring locations just mentioned, there’s the Isle of Skye, a serious education in Scottish Whisky, and you’ll find that even Paris is actually…. Scotland. St. Mungo’s Cathedral was the Outlander film location for ‘L’Hopital des Anges’ in Paris. This trip stays on-script to Scottish heritage and culture, respectfully blending the fanciful fictions of Outlander with the very serious and very real events that define Scotland still.

Time to Go

A person walking on a grassy hill next to the ocean

I think, frankly, we may all need a Girl’s Trip. The kind of trip where you pack your best “These are so comfortable” or “I’ve always dreamt of wearing this on vacation” kind of trip. With almost too many photos.

The kind of vacation that when you take it, it takes care of you. So, with Women-Only tours, book it with best friends, your favorite family, or opt to go alone and surrounded by new faces (and not just someone you haven’t met on the Zoom meeting yet).

Back on the note of “good for your health” – just the act of planning a vacation, giving yourself something to look forward to, is an added boost. Add in traveling safely and having the tough stuff and connections handled for you? We’ll look forward to seeing your name on the travel roster.

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson

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