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Top Ireland Hotels Match Maker

Top Ireland Hotels Match Maker

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 02:06 pm

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When it comes to finding the best hotels in Ireland, we like to play match maker. Brendan Vacations wants to introduce you to our “friends,” because we know you’re going to get along, plus we maintain ongoing personal relationships with all our properties. So how about you let us make an introduction and if you hit it off, we’ll help you plan a date for your next Ireland vacation.

Hyatt Centric The Liberties

A group of people walking down a street next to tall buildings

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Interests: Dublin city life, Ireland’s top travel attractions, and my aesthetic is luxury comfort – combined with a chic modern styling.

Tell us about yourself: I like being immersed in a city and being a centrally located Dublin hotel is important to me. I like Irish culture, and exploring Dublin. Taking a walk and finding an adventure is a normal day to me. My neighbor, the ultra-classic Christ Church Cathedral, and I are very close.

My best features: I’m not vain, I have to say my style, can’t lie. Clean lines and a chic attention to detail make me an ideal pick for the guest looking for an upgraded city getaway.

Something you might not guess about me: I have a soft spot for the classics. Walks through my neighborhood (one of the oldest in Dublin) are amazing and I love to be close to the history of my city.

My perfect date would be: A Dublin vacation adventure is not complete without a trip to my friend, The Guinness Storehouse, maybe hop onto a walking Food Tour or visit Europe’s leading tourist attraction, the EPIC Museum. I kinda love being able to do everything.

My Best Matches: Luxury obsessed, families and romantics.

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Titanic Hotel Belfast

Dining room in Titanic Hotel Belfast

Location: Belfast, Ireland

Interests: Irish History, the Titanic, architecture, museums and luxury amenities.

Tell us about yourself: Classic look, old soul. Started out as the Harland and Wolff Drawing Offices, then a world-leading shipbuilder, in the 1880s. I changed directions in 2017 and was reimagined as an upscale, Art Deco nautical themed hotel in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast.

My best features: Not to brag but I just happen to be most authentic Titanic Hotel. Like, in the world.

Something you might not guess about me: I lead a double life as a museum. With the help of curators and museums, I’ve collected over 500 artworks, photographs, passenger portraits and authentic White Star Line memorabilia dating back to the Golden Age of Ocean Travel. It’s my thing.

My perfect date would be: A museum visit (hint hint), dinner or maybe a reservation for tea time, followed by a romantic oceanside walk through the Titanic Quarter.

My Best Matches: History buffs, families and romantics

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Butler House

Butler House in Kilkenny, Ireland

Location: Kilkenny, Ireland

Interests: Classic Irish Architecture, history, Irish castles, romantic getaways, decadent style. I can’t deny it, I love a fluffy bed in a well-appointed luxury space.

Tell us about yourself: I’m a romantic. Luxury vacations with beautiful, secluded gardens, and making a reservation in the orangerie for tea, that’s what I like. I’d say my look is classic and I’m close to home – I’m neighbors with Kilkenny Castle, my older sibling. We get along great.

My best features: This is a hard one. I’d say my ideal location makes me a perfect hideaway in the busy city, but I’m also really active and am really into getting out and seeing everything, like the Ballykeefe Distillery.

Something you might not guess about me: I’m a part of the peerage. I was built as the Dower House to Kilkenny Castle for Lady Eleanor Butler in 1786, whose daughter by the same name went on to be an LGBTQ+ historic icon and one half of the storied “Ladies of Langollen.”

My perfect date would be: A stroll down the Medieval Mile, stop in to visit Kilkenny Castle and see the gardens, and maybe have dinner at the Kilkenny Design Center.

My Best Matches: Romantics, luxury obsessed and history buffs.

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The Lodge at Ashford

The Lodge at Ashford Castle in Ireland

Location: Mayo county, Ireland

Interests: Castles, golf, luxury, boating, falconry, Guinness, Irish country homes, zip lining, really – just about anything.

Tell us about yourself: Fun on the outside, mellow on the inside. I’m a part of the Ashford Castle estate family – yup, THAT family. We used to be the historic home of the Guinness family and my branch is the lakeside tradition Irish country home. Yes, I’m luxurious, yes, I’m well-bred, but I like to think of myself as the sporty one.

My best features: My sense of adventure. I love getting outdoors. Sure, I’m in the country but I do happen to have a lot of everything right here: Tennis, horse riding, paddle boarding, clay shooting, archery, lake cruising, tree climbing. You name it, we’re probably doing it.

Something you might not guess about me: I really like birds. Specifically, falcons. We’re home to the oldest falconry school in Ireland. Falconry has been an important part of our family for generations and the tradition lives on with estate falconry walks and experiences. Our birds are an amazing facet of keeping invasion creature populations in check.

My perfect date would be: Did someone say outdoors? Yes. I did. We’d go outside, we’d have an amazing day roaming around the estate, playing games and enjoying all the activities there are to offer. Then, we’d go back to, well, me and there’s a lot of delicious food to eat and comfy beds to sleep in.

My Best Matches: Outdoorsy people, golfers, romantics, luxury obsessed and bird lovers

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