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Getting Engaged in Ireland

Getting Engaged in Ireland

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 11:08 am

The Best Way to Ask the Big Question

What better way to prove that love’s wildest daydreams do come true than in the land of the fairy folk themselves, Ireland? When it comes to getting engaged in Ireland, this is Brendan Vacations’ quest of the most personal (and romantic) order. Let’s open the book on fairytale magic and read about how a love story truly came to life.

Once Upon a Time…

All the old tales begin the same way, but truly, every path to love is different, as is every unique and loving couple. The idyllic countryside, stately castles and bustling cities are all the perfect backdrop for every chapter of your romantic trip to Ireland, there’s just a little more writing to be done for asking the big question.

So what goes into transforming your love story into an epic tale of an Ireland proposal romance?

  1. Map out careful planning for a location
  2. Connect for personalized expert (and excited-for-you) guidance
  3. Travel in comfort and plan some playful fun
  4. Liberally sprinkle in some joyful Irish magic
  5. Cannot stress this enough: Birds of prey. I’ll explain later.

Is it a winning list? We’d like to think so, and we at Brendan Vacations have our own personally planned story to share.

How Far Would You Go?

For Nicki and Anthony, their love had to cross the lengths and distances of… The Travel Corporation’s (parent company of Brendan Vacations) offices in bright and sunny California.

Matched by their mutual love of exciting travel, when it came time to consider just how to ask Nicki the question, Anthony called in the advice of Brendan’s very own Ireland Managing Director, Catherine Reilly.

From there, the two devised the ultimate romantic Ireland getaway: the intimate travel choice of Private Chauffeur and a stay at the beautiful Renaissance Era Dromoland Castle. Catherine suggested that Anthony plan the engagement near the beginning of the trip.

“Catherine and I thought this was best so we could then enjoy our time together as an engaged couple,” said Anthony. “It was perfect advice.” 

While Nicki knew about the trip, the inter-office chatter was kept to an absolute quiet on the biggest part. This brings us to the other big question: What does the screeching of flying feathers with sharp talons have to do with love?

So glad you asked.

Like Birds of a Feather

A man and a woman holding a bird in their hands

Anthony and Catherine devised a romantic proposal moment to let the day’s love take flight.

Not everyone is a bird person, but…

“One thing I knew was that Nicki had enjoyed the falconry at Ashford Castle,” said Anthony. “So she has some experience, and she has a unique respect for animals.”

Anthony says there was, as with any magical moment, the momentary thought of “What COULD go wrong,” but the staff and falconer were so dedicated and calm it was priceless. 

“They popped out just at the right time… and he asked Nicki if she wouldn’t mind helping train this bird,” said Anthony. “She was so focused; she didn’t even notice the ring dangling below till the falconer mentioned: What’s that the falcon brought back for you?“

Happily Ever After

For this happy couple, every deeply personally planned moment that followed heightened the joy of those first unforgettable experiences of the trip. From chauffeured adventures to Galway and the Game of Thrones sets to relaxing in front of their fire at the end of each day, there was no shortage of love to be found in Ireland for the start of their next chapter.

Where did the story go next? Well, the Nuzman’s got married this year, and have plans for adding a new, small character to the tale in 2022.

“This was such a great moment for the both of us. Her face was priceless and spoke a thousand words without speaking and I saw it all in those tears of joy. It was truly special.”

Feeling inspired and ready to plan your romantic getaway or honeymoon to Ireland and Scotland? Make sure to check out our romance destination guide as you plan your custom vacation to the Celtic Isles.

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson has been professionally writing for news, academia public relations and institutional outreach since 2007. Now, she's dedicated to bringing readers interesting, fun and helpful information to help them on their journeys. Loves: running, reading, California's central coast, London's mass transit systems and any moderate to very-good animal.

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