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The best things to do in Scotland's South

Travel Inspiration for Your Scotland's South Vacation

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Welcome to Scotland's South! As your Celtic Experts, we’re here to introduce you to the vibrant local restaurants, top sights and best places to stay on your vacation to Scotland. From perfectly-planned guided tours to custom travel packages, we can’t wait to share the traditional experiences of our homelands with you.

Discover Scotland's South

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Explore the best places to eat, see and stay in Scotland's South

  • Wilson's Farm and Kitchen
  • Famously Hawick
  • Rosslyn Chapel
  • Traquair House
  • Abbotsford House

Top places to eat and drink in Scotland's South

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From hidden gems to iconic sights, these are the best places to start your very own Celtic story in Scotland. No matter where you decide to go, you’ll get authentic experiences hand-picked just for you.

Wilson's Farm - Scotland

Wilson's Farm and Kitchen

Experience the pace, peace and plentiful flavors of farm fare and life at Wilson’s Farm and Kitchen. Home to the Wilson family since 1938. There’s a range of incredible food experiences featuring seasonal, locally sourced ingredients that are prepared with care and served in unique and stunning settings.

Brendan Vacations - Traquair House - Scotland

Traquair House

The oldest inhabited house in Scotland has been lived in by the Stuart family since 1491 and is also the home of a deeply Scottish refreshment. Every Traquair House ale has an individual nod to Scottish history, each one based on a deeply researched or ancient family recipe.

What sights to see in Scotland's South

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Famously Hawick - Scotland

Famously Hawick

A Famously Hawick tour will take you behind the scenes of five of the town’s production facilities and bring you face-to-face with the masters of three luxury crafts - Cashmere, tweed and distilling. Discover the legacy of the ‘Home of Tweed,’ sample a tipple at the first whisky distillery to open in the Scottish Borders since 1837 and enjoy plenty of opportunities to pick up the perfect premium addition to your home.​

Brendan Vacations - Rosslyn Chapel - Scotland

Rosslyn Chapel

Famed in fiction, the beautiful Rosslyn Chapel was featured as a key character in the novel (and later, the movie) of DanBrown’s The DaVinci Code. Tour the chapel and its ornate stonework, elegant stained-glass windows and experience the quiet and calming beauty of intricate 15th-century artistry.

Brendan Vacations - Abbotsford Walled Garden House - Scotland

Abbotsford House

Abbotsford House is truly Sir Walter Scott’s Palace of the Imagination. The manor house and gardens reflect the persona of the man credited with reviving how we think of what being Scottish means today. Take a tour of this destination nestled amongst Scott’s precious woodlands near the babbling banks of the River Tweed and see how the original plan of a romantic natural habitat has bloomed over 250 storied years.

Best places to stay in Scotland's South

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View from the Marine North Berwick in Edinburgh, Scotland

Marine North Berwick

Nestled between picturesque seashores, Marine North Berwick is a monument to the natural splendor of one of Scotland's oldest golf courses.

Schloss Roxburghe hotel exterior

Schloss Roxburghe Hotel

SCHLOSS Roxburghe is an exceptional country house estate with a Championship Golf Course and a range of outdoor activities, nestled in the beautiful Scottish Borders but little more than an hour's drive from both Edinburgh and Newcastle.

Top trips that visit Scotland

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Colorful Doors in Dublin Ireland

Meet Catherine Reilly

As the head of our Brendan team, Catherine has been making friends with the Celtic community for over 35 years so she's learned a thing or two about where to go and what to do in Ireland and Scotland. Check out her own personally hand-crafted collection of all the can't-miss experiences you can have too.

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