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The Storytellers You’ll Meet

They say a place is only as good as the people in it and in this part of the world, we believe it’s doubly true.

Finding inspiration in its sea-beaten beauty, mythic history and fierce independence, the people of Ireland and Scotland are blessed with a natural gift of storytelling. Lucky for our guests that Brendan’s assembled some of the most gifted and knowledgeable locals to share their insight and passion.

These are sure to be the stories visitors carry home.

Taking you Personally

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Travel Directors: Our Travel Directors are carefully selected for their local knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm, and take great pride in what they do. They’ll accompany you every step of the way and take you on a grand adventure.

Local Specialists: Enjoy getting exciting insights into the places you go as your Local Specialists show you hidden gems and take you on a journey through history.

Local Hosts: In each city, our friendly Local Hosts offer expert advice on Locally Hosted Rail vacations are available to you for insights into the destination.

Private Chauffeurs: Our Private Chauffeurs are committed to warm hospitality and become your personal guide and skilled storyteller every step of the way during your vacation.  They’ll show you their homelands and make history come to life with their tales.

Be My Guest Hosts: Enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet friendly locals and be welcomed into their home to break bread with them over an authentic meal. You’ll immerse yourself into the Celtic culture and make new friends along the way.

  • Linda Woods
    (Killarney Walking Tours)

    Wanderer, Cyclist and Brendan’s Local Naturalist

    “It’s been said all who wander are not lost. After meeting Linda Woods, I finally understand what it means. Exploring Killarney Park with her is to become open to the unexpected and relish extraordinary in the ordinary…magical like Ireland itself.”

    -Rodney Muir

  • Michael Walsh
    (Head Distiller at Dingle Whiskey Distillery)

    Distiller, Teacher, Innovator and Superior Sipper

    “What I learned today at the Dingle Distillery is that two hundred years ago, this small island had over a hundred officially recognized distillers, by the turn of this century there were two. It was a joy to hear Michael talk about how proud he is at being part of the revival of the whiskey industry in Ireland and being one of the new generation of artisan distillers, eager to share his passion and his craft.”

    -Nigel Stevens

  • Marks Rodgers
    (Local Specialist, Causeway Coast)

    Local Guide, Keeper of the Lore and Giant of the Causeway

    “I could not wait to see the Giant’s Causeway and could not believe how incredible the experience was with Mark. He and his family have lived on this shoreline since 1588 and have eked out a livelihood, from Kelp Harvesters to Fishmongers to Barmen and Fortune Tellers, to Tour Guides and Storytellers, and what a Storyteller Make is. He advised us to come back to witness the sunrise…just WOW.”

    -Grant Patton

  • Sheena Gignam
    (Galway Food Tour)

    Entrepreneur, Foodie, Gossip and Original Galway Girl

    “A delicious and delightful way to get to know Galway! From sipping whiskies to slurping oysters, we had an absolutely marvelous time meeting the local chefs and shopkeepers who bring this city to life. And there is no better host than Galway Girl Sheena Gignam.”

    -Kelsey Miles

  • Ian Grindlay
    (Scotland Local Host)

    True Scott, Protector of the Fortress, Believer in the Stone of Destiny

    “Ian had wonderful suggestions for the whole family, his local insight and knowledge of his native Edinburgh was a gift to all of us. The stories, the humor, we soon realized we already had made a friend.”

    -Adina Cartwright

  • Pat Keough
    (A Trop Private Chauffeur)

    “For as long as I can remember, my mother has wanted to visit Ireland, but things kept getting in the way, mostly the five of us. For her 75th, we decided the time had come and booked a Private Chauffeur vacation for three generations of Fitzpatricks and what a time we had! Our driver made my mom feel like a rock star and she was met with fanfare and a candle in every dessert she ate in Ireland. More than that, he was able to beautifully accommodate the necessities and whims of traveling with such a diverse group and always with a smile and a story.”

    -Christina Fitzpatrick

The O’Connells
(Be My Guest Hosts)

Journey to the Lost Town of Newtown Jerpoint, a once-flourishing 12th-century town on the Nore River, which had 14 taverns, a wool mill, tannery and a brewery. Joe and Maeve O’Connell will host you on this exclusive Be My Guest experience, helping to unearth the mysteries of this site during a guided walk. The town was powered by two water wheels working on the little Arrigle River. A tower house stood near the market place, where a wealthy merchant would have lived. Travelling further up East-West Street, St. Nicholas’s Church and graveyard overlook the town and are the burial place of St. Nicholas (Bishop of Myra), whose tomb you’ll get to see.