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Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway

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Seeking an adventure of giant proportions?

Look no further than Northern Ireland, home to miles of stunning rugged coastline, the birthplace of Titanic before its fateful voyage and the stomping grounds of legendary giant, Finn MacCool.

Known as the Giant’s Causeway, the symmetrical stone columns that make up this UNESCO World Heritage site will rock your world (pun intended).

Legends The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland

The result of a volcanic eruption? Or the remains of a giant’s creation?

While geologists say they were formed by volcanic activity, the Irish locals have a different story to tell. According to legend, these columns are the remains of a causeway built by Irish giant, Finn MacCool. It spanned the sea between the Emerald Isle and the shores of Scotland in preparation for an epic battle between Finn and Scottish giant, Benandonner. 

No matter what you believe, this natural phenomenon is sure to provoke a jaw-dropping response, just as if you’d come face to face with these two giants themselves.

Still not convinced and need to see the causeway in person to decide? Let us take you there on one of our hand-crafted itineraries...


Follow our lead

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Travel on one of our Guided Vacations  and we’ll lead the way ‘round the Emerald Isle. Not only will you traverse the hexagonal columns of Giant’s Causeway and learn the legend behind this famous site, but you’ll experience an insider’s perspective of Ireland from each local we introduce you to along the way.

Guided Trips

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Pave your own path

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Looking to venture to the land of the giant’s on an Independent trip? Have no fear, the giants are friendly, and so are we. Share your Irish bucket list with us and we’ll make it happen. From the Causeway, to the Cliffs of Moher, Belfast to the beautiful Antrim coastline, anything is possible on one of our customizable itineraries.

Customizable Itineraries

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