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Belfast Destination Guide

The top things to do in Belfast

Travel inspiration for Your Belfast Vacation

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Welcome to Belfast! As your Celtic Experts, we’re here to introduce you to the vibrant local restaurants, top sights and best places to stay on your vacation to Northern Ireland. From perfectly-planned guided tours to custom travel packages, we can’t wait to share the traditional experiences of our homelands with you. 

Discover Belfast

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Explore the best places to eat, see and stay in Belfast

  • Titanic Museum
  • Local Food Tours
  • Street Art Tour
  • Historic Murals
  • Irish Whiskey
  • JawBox Gin
  • John Long's Fish & Chips
  • Peace Wall
  • Black Cab Tour

Top places to eat and drink in Belfast

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From hidden gems to iconic sights, these are the best places to start your very own Celtic story in Northern Ireland. No matter where you decide to go, you’ll get authentic experiences hand-picked just for you.

John Long's Fish and Chips in Belfast Northern Ireland

John Long's Fish and Chips

Better known as “the best kept secret in Belfast”, John Long’s is the oldest established fish and chip shop in Belfast. With over 100 years of dishing up fresh, traditional favorites, it’s no surprise that this place is one of the top seven wonders of the city.

Jawbox Gin in Belfast Northern Ireland

Jawbox Gin at the Duke of York

Named after the boxy Belfast, sinks where locals used to gather, Jawbox Gin has become a staple of the town.

What sights to see in Belfast

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Titanic Museum in Belfast Northern Ireland

Titanic Belfast Tourist Attraction

The icy beauty of this building will give you the chills. Let us transport you back in time to the ‘Golden Age’ of travel along the former Harland and Wolff shipyard where the ill-fated maiden voyage began.

City Tour in Belfast Northern Ireland

Belfast City Tour

Learn the secrets and stories of Belfast from one of our local guides; born and raised in the city. You’ll get an in-depth look at the major sites and hidden gems along the way as you walk through winding alleyways, lively streets and shadowy corridors.

Walking Tour in Belfast Northern Ireland

Street Art and Historical Murals

You’ve heard the saying, “if these walls could talk…” well in Belfast, they do. Hop into a snazzy old-fashioned black cab and let one of our experienced drivers take you around the city. Mural after mural, you’ll learn about the Troubles of Ireland and see how the locals used street art as a means of expression. Go beyond the history books and get up close and personal to moments that have been captured in time.

Best places to stay in Belfast

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Grand Central Hotel in Belfast Northern Ireland

Grand Central Hotel

Transformed from an iconic office block to the new Grand Central Hotel in Belfast. This hotel will offer 300 luxury bedrooms, a restaurant, bistro and rooftop lounge.

Merchant Hotel in Belfast Northern Ireland

The Merchant Hotel

The grandeur of the original Grade A-listed building is complimented by an elegant Art Deco-inspired wing with a multitude of exciting amenities.

Titanic Belfast Hotel in Belfast Northern Ireland

Titanic Hotel

Situated at the heart of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, the legendary Harland and Wolf Headquarters and Drawing Offices is the world’s most authentic Titantic Hotel. Part hotel, part museum, the luxury hotel is home to a unique collection of over 500 artworks, artifacts and photographs transporting guests back to the “Golden Age of Ocean Travel”.

Top trips that visit Belfast

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Catherines Collection in Ireland and Scotland

Meet Catherine Reilly

As the head of our Brendan team, Catherine has been making friends with the Celtic community for over 35 years so she’s learned a thing or two about where to go and what to do in Ireland and Scotland. Check out her own personally hand-crafted collection of all the can’t-miss experiences you can have too.

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