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The Best Family Vacation: Discover Ireland Together

The Best Family Vacation: Discover Ireland Together

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 11:54 am

Travel Together, Grow Together

Nothing is stronger, more complicated, or unique than our families.
Keeping everyone happy? Sure, that’s a given. Keeping everyone in awe of the experience? Now that’s a little more our style. Planning the “Big Family Vacation” to Ireland with Brendan Vacations means that you, the kids, extended and chosen family are all taken care of as if, well, you’re one of our own.

Top Eating

Did everybody get enough to eat? Every family needs fuel and why not make food a main attraction? Ireland’s cities have exceptional food tours and these two are sure to please even the picky eaters in your group.

Dublin Food Tour

The group sizes for the Delicious Dublin Food Tour are small, so just the right size for your family portion. This walking tour blends the traditional and foodie scenes while you sample treats and delicious eats and learn all about the history of Irish food and the booming modern foodie scene.

Galway Food Tour

The vibrant charm of Galway is good to the last bite. The Galway Food Tour takes you on a stroll through the colorful town, sampling modern local specialties, traditional dishes and restaurant favorites, all guided by an expert.

Top Multi-Generational Activities

If you had to pick one gift for everyone, what would it be? Somewhere between wander and wonder is a good place to start.

Killarney Jaunting Cart

Sit back and enjoy the ride down memory lanes. A traditional horse and carriage jaunting cart tour squires your family through historic Killarney. Beyond the legends of town, you’ll see the landscape roll away to show lakes and hidden delights of Killarney National Park.

Falconry at Ashford Castle

Add a new friend to your family nest when you visit Ashford Castle and Ireland’s oldest falconry school. No ruffled feathers here as falcons soar from the sky to perch upon you and your loved ones, safely clad in leather arm coverings.

Top Family with Kids Activity

Kids got high vacation energy? Say no more fam, here’s some great ways to connect, get that energy out and get them to sleep at the hotel on time for the next day’s adventures.

Horse Riding Beach Adventure

This incredible experience on horseback elevates your coastal trip to horseback height. Combine the adventure of riding with a refreshing day outdoors, guided by a local expert who will get your family up close and personal with the beautiful flora and fauna of the region normally unseen.

Kilkenny Hurling Experience

Up for a little healthy family competition? Or maybe getting the wee ones to sleep better back at the hotel. Try your family’s hand at this centuries old Celtic field sport by learning your moves from the locals.

Best Stays for Family in Ireland

Just picture it: Home away from home – but someone else does the clean-up.

The Merrion

Yes, it’s fancy, but it’s also family. The Merrion is just around the corner from our Dublin offices, right in the center of Dublin. Housing the country’s largest private art collection it also features an internal garden that children can safely play in.

Carton House

With three centuries of experience in hosting families, Carton House knows just what to do. Following a full renovation and ready to welcome your family to theirs, Carton House boasts activities for all needs and every season on their extensive Dublin-adjacent countryside estate.

Uncover Your Roots

Take a look through a digitally interactive museum that is really a centuries-in-the-making photo album. While you’re at it, see if your family’s a part of Ireland’s history.

Visit the EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum

Find out if there’s more branches to add to your family tree. Ranked as Europe’s top tourist attraction, the EPIC Museum explores the history and influence of Irish immigrants across the world. Peek into your own past and find out your family’s connection to history with an onsite genealogist.

Ready For Ireland Family Time?

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