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What to Pack for Off-Season Ireland and Scotland Vacations

What to Pack for Off-Season Ireland and Scotland Vacations

Recently updated on May 10th, 2024 at 06:49 pm

The best packing list for your Ireland and Scotland clothes, gear and manners.

One of the greatest challenges to any travel plan: What do I pack? What do I leave out? And once you get there: What did I forget? When travelling to Ireland and Scotland in the autumn (and winter and spring), your packing list is going to be a wee bit different. Here’s what our Dublin-based team recommends and suggests you include in your packing list for an Irish or Scottish autumn. 

Wear This 

A list of sensible staples to build your packing list off of. 

 A lighter, wind and rain proof jacket 

You’re going to encounter some rain, but with Ireland and Scotland’s autumn weather being rather downright pleasant you’re more likely to come into contact with wind rather than rain during this season. 


The ever-versatile jeans. Dress them up, down and walk everywhere in them. Your tours will have outdoor components and whether you’re in the city or the countryside, you’ll want to be comfortable and ready to go. 


The name of the game is all about layers. A good sweater to keep the chill off, whether in day or night, that can be easily folded and tucked into a backpack is an absolute necessity nearly year-round. 

 Waterproof or washable shoes (with a good tread) 

You’re on an adventure! A comfortable pair of shoes for walking that can withstand the occasional puddle are a necessity. Don’t worry – you can pack a spare set for your nicer dress clothes if you’ve got a good dinner in mind. 


Of course you’ll have overcast days in autumn in Ireland and Scotland, but b’ware the late season glare. You’ll be able to see your amazing destinations better with a little bit of self-made shade.

♦ Just in case: Bring a dinner jacket, dress shoes if your trip includes finer dining, as there will probably be a dress code. 


Bring This 

What to keep with you from day-to-day. 

 An Ireland/UK power cord adapter 

→ A small backpack, filled with: 

  • A portable charger pack for your devices  
  • A reusable water bottle 
  • Dry socks (in case of the aforementioned puddles) 
  • A little sunblock (just in case the sun shows up more) 


Apps to Add 


Be Mindful Of (and how we want to help): 

For mobility aids and medications 

  • For wheelchairs and other mobility aid users, connect with us and your travel director pre-departure so we can see about planning your rooms nearby elevators or on the ground floor.  
  • Many streets in Ireland and Scotland are cobblestone and in the event of walking tours, should you be taking tours. Check ahead with your travel director, agent or planner so accommodations can be made to ensure your ease of access. 
  • For regularly needed medications or insulin needs, check with your doctor about providing a prescription note to have with in the event of needing a refill or an emergency on trip.

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