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What is Locally Hosted Rail?

What is Locally Hosted Rail?

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 02:00 pm

Locally Hosted Rail Travel Style Explained

How would you know if our Locally Hosted Rail (LHR) travel style is right for you? Well, are you an independent traveler? Do you want to get the best views of Ireland and Scotland? Do you like an adventure? And, do you seek out environmental or eco-friendly vacation options? Answering “yes” on any or all of these may mean train travel could be the perfect vacation style for you to try on your next Celtic adventure. 

The Benefits of Locally Hosted Rail Travel with Brendan Vacations

Here’s how we elevate train travel: You have the freedom of a customizable itinerary built around what you want to do and where you want to go, seen from a unique vantage point along scenic train routes. And once you arrive at your stops, you’re by no means on your own: You’ve got the benefit of a Local Host at every destination.

But what does a Local Host do? They’ll share their knowledge of the destination, answer your questions, help you review your documents and make suggestions about what to do and see tailored to your specific interests so you’ll get the most out of your time while in their place plus they’ll have an insider’s eye on hidden gems like the best pubs, shops, parks or regionally specific details you might otherwise miss.

“People are always excited when they’re on vacation but with independent travelers, there can be a bit of trepidation when they get to a particular city – where to go, what to do, what to see… and I think it’s always nice to have a friendly face to say “Hello, sit down, relax, we’ve got you covered – you’re in for a great time,” says Maire McAnespie, a Belfast Local Host.

The Scenic Side of Train Travel

An aerial view of a lush green valley

Train travel is not only an eco-friendly travel option, but there’s also the romance of enjoying scenic rides and private drives from point-to-point (without having to keep your eyes on the road).

Locally Hosted Rail is special because guests get the chance to see Ireland and Scotland without worrying about driving. To that end, rail travel in Ireland and Scotland is exceptionally easy because the train stations there are centrally located, often small and easy to navigate.

The trains themselves are modern, comfortable and have large windows so you can watch the famed scenery unfold. Like we mentioned before, when you roll into town, you’ll meet your local hosts at your hotel. Here’s another detail: We include sightseeing and accommodation in each destination. All of our LHR itineraries are customizable and in the event that we run out of track? Well things won’t go off the rails: we will still get you to where you want to go with a privately driven vehicle.

Curious about planning your own Locally Hosted Rail train travel in Ireland and Scotland?

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