Six Dram Good Scotch Whisky Distilleries

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No matter the day, month, or season, your trip to Scotland isn’t complete without a tour of one (or six) of Scotland’s most famous whisky distilleries. From Dalwhinnie to Oban, you’ll sample spirits, meet local specialists and learn the secrets of making the ‘water of life’ at some of the best distilleries in Scotland, personally vetted by our team of Celtic experts 

Aviemore, Scotland - Dalwhinnie Distillery

Standing deep in the Scottish Highlands, discover the unique location and history of Dalwhinnie Distillery (the highest distillery in Scotland) and its iconic whisky.

Discover Dalwhinnie


Isle of Skye, Scotland - Talisker Distillery

Get a taste of whisky history at Talisker Distillery, the oldest working distillery on the Isle of Skye and enjoy the exhilarating taste of their single malt.

Taste Talisker


Pitlochry, Scotland - Blair Athol Distillery

Find out why Blair Athol Distillery is an icon of the Scottish Highlands as you sip your way through the distillery and learn about what makes the whisky’s flavor stand out.  

Be Amazed By Blair Athol

Tain, Scotland - The Glenmorangie Distillery

Allow your tastebuds to be tickled as you get to know the Glenmorangie Original, explore the distillery and uncover why they are home to the tallest copper stills in Scotland.   

Go To Glenmorangie

 Lagavulin, Scotland - Lagavulin Distillery 

Learn about the unique pear-shaped stills and enjoy the rich, peaty undertones of Lagavulin Whisky. From classic tours to special experiences, there's something for every enthusiast.  

Learn About Lagavulin

Oban, Scotland - Oban Distillery  

Step inside one of Scotland's smallest and oldest sources of scotch whisky as you travel through Oban Distillery’s complex whisky making process while enjoying a dram of single malt.   

Open the Door to Oban

With its abundance of active whisky distilleries, Scotland is every whisky lover’s paradise. When you come with us to Scotland, you’ll travel through the best of scotch whisky history, one distillery at a time. 

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