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The Best Time to Visit Ireland

The Best Time to Visit Ireland

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 11:20 am

Every season is a great season to travel to Ireland

From lighter autumn crowds, to festive holiday winter markets, to beautiful spring weather and warm summer sunshine; there is no ‘off season’ when it comes to traveling to Ireland. Every time is a great time to go. And as the Celtic Experts, we’re here to show you the benefits of traveling during every season, all year long.

“There’s a reason for every season”


Travel in the Spring

A field of blue flowers with a mountain in the background

Springtime comes early in Ireland and is traditionally celebrated on the first of February. That gives us more time to enjoy the wildflowers in bloom, the adorable animals frolicking in our rolling green hillsides, and perfect weather everywhere we go. Plus, it’s the season for fun (or as we call it, craic) when everyone comes together from countryside to city lights in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Travel in the Summer

A sandy beach next to a grassy hill

Hello Sunshine! Let our warm Celtic light fill your days with happiness as you explore our homelands on your next summer vacation. Our temperatures don’t get scorching hot like a few of our fellow European countries, so this is the best place to enjoy your time off without melting. For centuries, our people have perfected the art of summer festivals and bonfires, which will continue to burn for years to come.

Travel in the Fall

A stone bridge over a river surrounded by trees

Better prices, fewer crowds, and crisp fall air are what bring visitors to Ireland during the autumn months. With students back in school, there’s more flexibility and freedom to explore our iconic sights with less people around. If you’re around in late October, join us for our Halloween festivals (originally known as Samhain) in the land where the holiday began.

Travel in the Winter

A person walking in the snow with an umbrella

What better way to enjoy the cozy season than by snuggling up next to a bustling fire inside the fortified corridors of a medieval castle. The winter months are magical anywhere you go, but spending time in Ireland will make them brighter than ever before. Especially if you visit during the holidays and get to experience all the fairytale feelings our country has to offer as you wander through the holiday markets (mulled wine in-hand, of course).

Now that you’ve learned all about the amazing things our country has to offer all year round, which season will you visit?

Jennifer Helsper

Jennifer Helsper

Jennifer Helsper started working in the travel industry in 2010 and has taken full advantage of every opportunity to explore the world ever since… Nowadays, she finds joy by encouraging others to do the same; hoping to inspire them to discover their own adventures along the way. Her random quirks and likes include: sporadic dancing, impulsive singing, spontaneous escapes and demolishing charcuterie boards.

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