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One Family…One Hundred Years on

We are a proud member of The Travel Corporation, a family-owned and passionately run business with 30 award-winning brands.

Driven by service since day one. The Travel Corporation’s story started in 1920 with one man, one hotel and one clear vision. To now, with over four generations continuing the dream that was always much larger than its start in South Africa. Fast forward 100 years later, the true passion and the real foundation of the vision that is driven by service is still at the core of our family-owned and operated business that is The Travel Corporation.

Continuing the dream

Solomon Tollman’s vision was taken by his son, Mr. Stanley Tollman-travel pioneer, industry disruptor and TTC Chairman and has carried through four generations of the Tollman family, each passionate explorers who are committed to delivering inspiring experiences and exemplary service to create what we know as the modern-day TTC.

Decades of dedication, determination and dreams. A century of laughter, loyalty and love stories; Generations of friendship, fun and family. One hundred years of triumph, tenacity and travel…Here’s to hundreds more!

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