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Our diverse itinerary portfolio is your starting point, where based on your interests we begin with a private consultation with our Brendan Vacations experts to discuss your preferred travel style, the perfect properties from our hand-picked selection of 5-star stays under the Catherine’s Collection, and to fine-tune the details of each day to your specific desires. We build on what you love and infuse it with our expert knowledge and exclusive access.


We only do Ireland and Scotland. Our dedicated Brendan Vacations team of Celtic destination experts provide handcrafted, immersive vacations that combine people, places and culture. Each vacation is planned, managed and personally delivered by passionate, fun-loving locals. We are your personal connection to our Celtic homelands. 


Based in Dublin, our team has over 50 years of experience building custom, luxury vacations filled with the destinations, experiences and accommodations we know you’ll love. We nurture our long-standing bonds with our supplier partners, our trusted local partners and a host of other characters to give you truly authentic Irish and Scottish experiences no matter where or when you travel. We take every guest personally. 


For over 35 years, Catherine Reilly has sought and maintained relationships with owners, proprietors, purveyors, and pioneers in every corner of the Celtic Isles so that you have access to the finest, most luxurious accommodations and experiences throughout your visit. These relationships have built a legacy of excellence, with each member of Catherine’s Collection hand-selected specifically by Catherine and her gifted team. Our Local Specialists, Private Chauffeurs and Experts behind-the-scenes all share a fierce pride of place, and a passion for storytelling. These characters are who you’ll meet and are what set us apart to deliver unrivalled Celtic vacations.


Bolstering our passion for our places is The Travel Corporation, our parent company, who’s century of experience engaging people globally to seek and share each other’s cultures has created the TreadRight Foundation and MAKE TRAVEL MATTER ® Experiences supporting socially conscious and planetary health minded travel. When you visit our isles with Brendan Vacations, meet our people, tour our castles, engage with our crafters, guides, chauffeurs – everyone, you’re contributing to the preservation of traditions that have upheld our communities for generations, and the conservation of lands we’ve called home for centuries.


We are the Celtic Experts, proudly nurturing and maintaining relationships with the finest providers of every aspect of travel in Ireland and Scotland. Our passion for sharing, preserving and protecting our homelands and heritage drives our dedication to creating the perfect luxury travel experience for every guest.