TTC Family of Brands


Few things connect people quite like food and drink. Michelin-star restaurants in Ireland and dining concepts in Scotland, luxury cuisine and fine dining, the perfect local tastes and tipples – each are a way to bond with your experience. Indulge yourself on your luxury vacation with locally-sourced fresh fare, rare batches of tasteful spirits and brews, modern concepts and elevated traditional treats. Whatever your taste, here is where you’ll find it.


Partake and imbibe per your preference. A widened menu of inspired and elegant options is a part of the mainstay narrative not just for diet but for drink in the Celtic Isles. Specialty crafted non-alcoholic options for mocktail experiences, or simply a proper pint of Guinness sans the alcohol compliment the varieties of vegan and vegetarian tastes found all throughout menus in both countries


There truly is something for everyone, at every meal, in every place. We seek out the finest, most reputable and most highly representative menus, tastes and tipples across Ireland and Scotland. Your place is set, with us.